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Opus Suite for the Transportation Industry

Opus Suite is Systecon’s proprietary, world-leading optimisation, simulation and cost analysis software suite.The transportation industry uses our software suite for a wide variety of tasks; from optimising spare parts inventories, dimensioning repair shops and depots, analysing maintenance capacity needs, to calculating the costs of various systems and maintenance solutions on a life cycle basis.

Most importantly, the suite enables our clients to make fact-based decisions based on transparent information.

One important component of the software suite is OPUS10, the tool used to create optimal inventory management strategies and spare parts solutions. The tool can be used for, among other things, making decisions about high value components, dimensioning consignment inventory, and streamlining existing spare parts solutions.

SIMLOX, the simulation tool of the software suite, is used to analyse and dimension maintenance solutions, especially for the rail industry. Simulation is an effective method of analysing and quantifying the impact of operational changes on maintenance solutions.

Systecon’s consultants often assist in transportation industry procurements where Life Cycle Cost (LCC) is a central part of the procurement requirements and evaluation criteria. Using CATLOC, the software suite LCC analysis tool, it is easy to identify cost drivers or analyse the consequences of a particular decision for Life Cycle Costs.