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One important part of the procurement and delivery of technical systems involves ensuring that specifications can be verified. In addition to verifying that the system works in the intended way, long-term functionality, reliability and operational cost specifications must also be verifiable.

Systecon specialises in assisting our transport industry clients with formulating verifiable reliability and cost specifications, developing processes and procedures for verifying these specifications, and performing these verifications together with the system Supplier and Customer. Our goal is always to develop trust with both parties, so that each will view us as an “objective” part of the verification work.

As part of the practical verification work, we can also provide the statistical models, reporting tools, as well as analysis and database tools needed to manage data and ensure that the verification result is based on transparent, accurate information. In addition to our tools, we also provide consultants with broad theoretical and practical experience gained from work on both Customer and Supplier sides during various verification processes.

One important part of the verification work involves establishing a base-line for the system performance that can be used to measure reliability improvements or cost reduction initiatives. The natural continuation of the verification work that we often help our clients with is to perform analyses, propose concrete changes, follow-up implementation of changes and monitor results.

Do you have questions or are you thinking about how to structure the verification work for your project? Contact us and we’ll assist you in developing proposals founded on many years of consolidated experience in the area.