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Dependability and reliability (RAM)

Dependability and reliability are the cornerstones of Systecon’s transport industry operations. Dependability is the collective term for availability and its constituent parts, reliability, maintainability and supportability. For us, the concept involves helping our clients establish the optimal balance between a transport system’s reliability and its Life Cycle Costs based on the intended transport function.

How do I know I’ll be able to deploy my vehicles or aircraft according to traffic requirements? Are additional investments necessary to increase the fleet’s availability – and would the extra investments really pay off? Is a certain component sufficiently dependable, or should it be replaced by another solution? Answering these questions requires systematic study of the different features of the system and analysis of these features in relation to the relevant assignment to be performed.

Through the continuous and structured work on reliability, it is possible to ensure that a technical system is optimised to perform at a specified level. Furthermore, the ability of an organisation to achieve long-term profitability goals largely depends on how well you balance system reliability from an LCC (Life Cycle Cost) perspective.

We have worked on reliability and its relationship to life cycle costs for many years, using our own software and relying on established industry standards and practices.