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Transport industry procurements are often large and complex. They require a structured work process including both technical and commercial issues. Systecon helps the buyer formulate relevant, clear procurement specifications, evaluate proposals and select and negotiate with the right supplier. We can also help a supplier interpret and fulfill the requirements, and create a competitive offer.

For Systecon, a life cycle perspective is central to our philosophy, and we rely on it during procurement projects.  Our consultants have extensive experience creating specifications for complex systems, and also have expertise as buyers and negotiators. Systecon has broad experience and in-depth expertise with cross-functional evaluations of technical systems where technology, quality and costs are analysed from the perspective of the system life cycle.  We execute assignments within the framework of public procurements as well as for private sector companies.

To this end, we develop models for evaluating, right-sizing, pricing, and risk assessment. We rely on Opus Suite, Systecon’s world-leading software suite. Using our models and tools, we can clearly and transparently identify the parts that have the largest impact on the life cycle cost, and which should be prioritised during negotiations and proposal updates. This way, we help our clients identify the optimal balance between price, penalties and deliverability.