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The procurement of complex technical systems and services puts special demands on both sellers and buyers. This is especially true in the energy industry. This is why we often assist our clients with procurements. We help the buyer formulate relevant, clear procurement specifications, evaluate proposals and select and negotiate with the right supplier. We can also help a seller interpret and fulfill the requirements, and create a competitive offer.

If the buyer is acquiring wind turbines, for instance, it is reasonable to assume that the supplier will handle operations and maintenance during the warranty period. Following this period, however, the buyer will have the opportunity to assume control of the operations or procure a new service agreement. Systecon’s expertise, experience and tools are very useful at this stage, too. Systecon has many years of experience working with issues of this kind, and we even have a world-leading software suite for evaluating different operations and maintenance solutions. With our simulation tool, we can look at the whole wind power plant and develop the solution that maximises profitability.

To this end, we develop models for evaluation, resource dimensioning, pricing, and risk assessment. We use simulations and optimisation to analyse alternative solutions.

We can also clearly and transparently identify the parts that have the largest impact on the life cycle cost and therefore should be prioritised during negotiations and proposal updates. This is how we help our clients identify the optimal balance between price, penalties and deliverability.