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Systecon assists in the procurement of technical products and services, on either side of the transaction. When procuring complex technical systems and services, it is important to formulate the right requirements so that both the buyer and the seller understand what components, sub systems or features account for the bulk of the total cost. We assist in creating RFP specifications, and based on our extensive experience with successful LCC work, we define the requirements and service levels that are most critical for the end result – whether system functionality, availability or total cost.

We can also help specify the sometimes complex interface between customers and suppliers, e.g. during CLS contracting, so that the contracts are focused on the correct parameters. We also have significant experience with both procurement work and with evaluating offers, participating in contract drafting negotiations, and evaluating and verifying the purchased system after delivery.

We rely on models for evaluating, right-sizing, pricing, and risk assessment, and use simulations and optimisations to analyse alternative solutions. This way, we can identify the optimal balance between price, incentives and deliverability.