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Life Cycle Management

Procurement, management and ownership of military equipment are associated with major investments, a high degree of complexity and long usage cycles. However, the investment in the first procurement is only a small part of the total cost, since the costs of using the system over the course of its service life are often many times greater.

Operational costs can be difficult to survey, and are also determined very early, often during system design. Creating a comprehensive view of the whole life cycle and the possibility of directing the defense system towards the lowest possible total costs, while maintaining the required performance, requires a systematic method. This method is called Life Cycle Management, LCM.  In simple terms, the purpose of LCM is to enable systems to function with the desired performance when needed, while keeping the total cost over the entire equipment life cycle (the Life Cycle Cost) as low as possible.

Systecon has assisted clients with LCM, and has been a consistent leader in the area. Systecon has the expertise, the methodology and the tools to generate the data necessary for making the right overall decisions at every phase of the equipment life cycle, and streamlining the utilisation of the full budget.

Using Life Cycle Management (LCM) successfully is a necessary condition for cost effective equipment procurement and it has been possible to develop world-leading systems using relatively minor resources. LCM is very useful whether you are developing a whole new product or procuring a finished product.