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Systecon has a longstanding experience with Integrated Logistic Support and Life Cycle Cost. For many years, we have assisted in developing methods and world-leading software, specifically designed to support an effective ILS and LCC analysis.

We have participated in many major European defence industry equipment projects. Throughout the project, and during the entire product life cycle, we can analyse and specify the reliability and maintenance requirements necessary to attain the proper product or system availability, and how this impacts the total life cycle cost, LCC.

Our approach is focused on the totality and enables operations to be managed on a balanced life cycle basis. By gradually and systematically driving timely decisions we influence the design of the technical system, the logistics system, and operations. The right methodology and analytical tools can mean considerable savings while increasing total system capacity. The methodology and tools are also suitable for attaining “design to cost”, i.e. designing the optimal system based on a fixed budget.

Operational costs can be difficult to survey, and their magnitude is also determined very early, often during system design. To create a comprehensive view of the whole life cycle and the possibility of controlling the total system cost, LCC analysis is performed.

With a focus on LCC, the total utility of all the relevant allocations can be maximised – procurement, operations, management and decommissioning.

Systecon can, for example, assist with the following:

  • Performing LCC analyses, e.g. based on operational availability requirements.
  • Defining and verifying reliability, service life costs and security.
  • Reviewing work on reliability and maintenance solutions.
  • Analysing system security, e.g. FMECA, of new or problematic sub systems.
  • Ensuring project information management.
  • Right-sizing the maintenance solution based on the organisation, methods and resources.