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Systems Logistics Courses

Systecon provides a number of training courses within the area of logistics engineering:

Operational Effectiveness

This training course focuses on design and control of system reliability, maintainability and supportability, from design to disposal.

Applied ILS

This course gives participants a thorough understanding of how to plan and manage the development of necessary support systems as an integrated part of developing the actual technical system.

Spares Supply

In this course you will structure, model and evaluate alternative logistics support solutions, and reach a deep understanding of the logistics relationships.

LCC Engineering

In this course you will learn the basics of LCC, e.g. the importance that an LCC model include all significant future costs during the life span of the system and the LCC role in logistic engineering.

Design Support Systems

Designing support systems is the process of identifying and analysing different logistics and support alternatives and selecting the best alternative, this course will focus on LORA and simulation techniques which are valuable methods for selecting between the alternatives.