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This course enables students to understand basic logistics modelling and how it fits within the Monte Carlo simulation framework used by SIMLOX. It also provides students with the knowledge and skills required to operate SIMLOX and analyse the results.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the need for Simulation
  • Understanding the difference between Probabilistic & Simulation Models
  • Importing data from the OPUS10 Model and know what additional data is required
  • Understanding the different ways in describing how the systems operate
  • Running the SIMLOX Model and understand the results.
  • Linking the Logistic MoE’s with the Operational ones and be able to communicate these to the OA community

Modelling Activity

  • Build a basic model by importing data from the OPUS10 Logistic and Spares Optimisation Model and Understand the
    • Need for Replications
    • Impact of Different Use Profiles With Same Utilisation
  • Impact of Reduced Stocks
  • Understand the impact of
    • Item Criticality
    • No Fault Founds
  • Introduce Game Mode
  • Introduce Resources and Their Operation
  • Understand the Effect of
    • Batched Transportation
    • Robbing
  • Look at Different Mission Types
  • Show How to Apply Changes to Data During the Simulation
  • Move Assets Around the Support Organisation and Introduce New Ones from Outside.

Course Structure

This course is for a maximum of 6 students and lasts FOUR days. It will include hands-on use of SIMLOX, to reinforce learning points. The exercises are intended to challenge students. There are those who will wish to attempt the exercises with limited guidance from the tutor, and others who will wish step by step instruction. The onus is placed on each student to ensure he asks the tutor for appropriate guidance.


Attendees who meet the following criteria will gain most from this course:

  • Be content to work with a computer keyboard.
  • Be familiar with the concepts discussed, and terminology used. Attendance on this course by candidates who struggle with these would be premature; consequently, time and money would be wasted.

Course Location
Courses are normally held at the William Cecil Hotel in Stamford or the Assembly House in Norwich.