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The objective of the OPUS10 LORA Course is to enable participants to understand a new approach to LORA, Location Of Repair Analysis, and to familiarise them with this OPUS10 functionality.

The course will propose a fundamental new approach to LORA by addressing issues such as;

  • What is LORA
    • Definition of Level of Repair Analysis
    • Definition of Location of Repair Analysis i.e. Not fixed to one level, repairs could be split by Level and therefore Location.
  • Where is the process defined and the use and currency of standards such as Mil-Std-1390 and Defstan 00-60 (Task 303)
  • How does it fit in with ILS(LSA)
  • OPUS10 &LORA
    • What does classic OPUS10 do
    • How  can classic OPUS10 be used for LORA
    • What does OPUS10 LORA-XT do


Course Structure

This course is a workshop for a maximum of 6 students.

The exercises are intended to challenge students who will work at their own pace aided by the instructor where necessary.

Course Location
Courses are normally held at the William Cecil Hotel in Stamford or the Assembly House in Norwich.