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OPUS10 Advanced

The objective of the Advanced OPUS10 Course is to provide participants with the ability to model more complex logistics scenarios and analyse the effect on system performance and costs.

This course enables students to model more complex factors that may have an impact on system performance and improve their ability to use the OPUS10 Model more effectively by :-

  • Cementing the topics dealt with during the OPUS10 Basic Training Course.
  • Enabling the use of advanced item techniques to include the use of Partial Repairable Units (PRU’s) and advanced grouping.
  • Enabling the modelling of Item Redundancy.
  • Considering the Effect of Batched Item Repair and Transportation.
  • Introducing different pipeline time between support stations.
  • Considering the impact of new systems being introduced into service over time together with the effect of external influences on common spares.
  • Including the effects of Preventative Maintenance on both System & Items into the model.
  • Introducing Advanced Endurance Modelling.
  • Considering the impact of Lateral Resupply
  • Considering the impact of modelling System Variants
  • Considering the impact of Site & System Dependant MoEs
  • Consider the Modelling Deployed Operations


Course Structure

The course is a workshop for a maximum of four students and lasts for FOUR days. The course will include manual calculation and hands-on use of OPUS10, to reinforce learning points. Attendees are requested to provide a calculator for their own use. The exercises are intended to challenge the students ability to analyse the information provided and apply it to the model. As experienced OPUS10 users, students will be expected to work on the exercises as individuals and be able to use their analytical skills to identify possible solutions.

Attendees who meet the following criteria will gain most from this course:

  • Be a regular OPUS10 User.
  • Had at least 6 Months Continuous Experience since attending the OPUS10 Basic Training Course or been an occasional user for a much longer period.


Course Location
Courses are normally held at the William Cecil Hotel in Stamford or the Assembly House in Norwich.