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Opus Suite Introductory Course

The objective of the Opus Suite Introductory Course is to give participants a good overview of the capabilities of the Opus Suite tools OPUS10 (Spare parts optimisation, LORA), SIMLOX (Simulations) and CATLOC (Cost analysis). The course demonstrates how the Opus Suite tools support specific LSA tasks.

This course is suitable for upper level managers who want to, in a single day, familiarise themselves with the capabilities of the Opus Suite tools and how these tools can be used at their business or organisation.

In addition to introductory lectures, the course includes interactive presentations in which Opus Suite tools interact with each other to solve common real world logistic problems. Case studies are presented to illustrate the wide range applicability of the Opus Suite tools.

Course structure

The course is for a maximum of 8 students and lasts for ONE day.