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Systecon and Transportation

A major investment is underway. Perhaps it’s a new maintenance depot, or a new fleet of trains. But how large should the depot be? How many vehicles are needed to keep traffic running without interruption? Which spare parts and how many should we have in stock? How many vehicles should we have in reserve?

The transport industry faces these kinds of challenging questions all the time. Trains, airplanes and ships are complex systems with hundreds of interacting variables, often creating availability problems and high costs. There is rarely a “quick fix” for systems of this kind.

Where many consultants are only able to share their best guess or gut feeling, Systecon will provide you with the information you need to make fact-based decisions. With our unique experience, proprietary software and advanced models, we can not only demonstrate which factors impact operations – we can also show you how to optimise them.

The result is more traffic for your money, significant cost reductions, or both.

Making public transport more appealing – our perspective

Finding the balance between capacity and cost – our philosophy

Our Transportation industry services and our Business Areas

Our Life Cycle Perspective

How do you ensure that a product or system will be profitable? By considering the entire life cycle right from the start.

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Opus Suite – Product Family

Controlling both performance and cost. Optimizing spare parts inventories, maintenance solutions and resources. Data supporting organisational changes or procurements.

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