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Who are the Allyance?
The Allyance is a Project Management company set up to enable customers to get turn-key solutions to large and complex requirements, with the benefits of the technical capabilities, innovation, flexibility and cost effectiveness of using Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Who are the Allyance Members?

The Allyance Members are a group of highly capable, specialist companies that each have an excellent track record of success and proven abilities. These companies vary in size from a handful of staff, through to several hundred.

The Allyance Philosophy

Within the UK there are a vast array of highly competent SMEs that have the capabilities that Prime Contractors need in order to be innovative, reactive to the customers needs, and to drive down the costs of procurement and support.

However, it has always been difficult for some clients to engage directly with the SMEs. What is needed is a route whereby the SMEs can be engaged, but which does not carry with it an excessive overhead in terms of management and the need to control several smaller companies.

It is the Allyance aim to fulfil that need by being the portal to SMEs. By pulling together a series of member companies, each carefully selected for their knowledge and skills base, Allyance provides the framework and capacity of a much larger organisation. In addition, by taking on the project management role, Allyance can offer a comprehensive range of services through single point of contact.

Allyance’s specific skill set
Our project management expertise includes:

  • Sourcing a wide selection of contracted partner companies to provide the specialist skills
  • Providing a single point of contact and acting as a portal to reach SMEs
  • Allocation of tasks to the most appropriate specialist, monitoring progress and quality to ensure maximum customer satisfaction
  • Co-ordination of multiple work streams to provide a seamless turnkey solution
  • Management of all issues on behalf of the client
  • Customer focused support

Customer Benefits

The benefits to customers of the Allyance approach include:

  • An assurance of ‘strength in depth’™, through offering the skills of more than one company in order to undertake complex projects
  • Single point of contact between customer and supplier
  • Project management expertise to co-ordinate the activities of multi-disciplined teams from different companies
  • Control of deliveries and all quality issues across the full life cycle of the assignment
  • The reactiveness, flexibility, innovation and willingness to do things in a new way, that is a hallmark of SMEs
  • The cost-benefits realised by SMEs through their lower cost-base