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System Evaluation

When a system or its maintenance organisation does not function as it is intended, disturbances often occur that will lead to production interruptions. These interruptions do not only influence the systems availability, but also may have extensive consequences on the company profitability. System evaluation is the method to find the most costs effective solutions for improving the system performance.

Systecon provide qualified services and software tools, in order to define, specify and to analyse the requirements that are set on a system. This is especially important during the development of new systems, but it is also valuable when evaluating existing systems in operation.

During a system evaluation we identify and quantify the factors that influence the operational capability and provide proposals on cost effective improvement measures.

Systecon will investigate and provide solutions to questions like:

  • What are the performance requirements on the system and how well are they fulfilled?
  • How good is the system availability?
  • How is the life cycle cost expected to develop over time?
  • Which changes in strategies for resource management are needed?
  • What are the bottlenecks and cost drivers?

Our experiences cover a wide range of industries and a variety of technically complex systems ranging from energy production to the defence and space industry. Through the years we have developed a unique understanding of the importance of not only the significant details but also how the complete system is influencing the operational performance.

Thanks to our leading software tools, we can provide effective support in finding the balance between system effectiveness and operational performance. The tools also assist in analysing and optimising the systems logistics support and maintenance solutions.

Example of services

  • Models for evaluation of a systems operational capability.
  • Analysis of life cycle cost (LCC/LCP).
  • Analysis of the systems reliability and logistics support.
  • Definition of key performance indicators for measurement of system effectiveness.
  • Identification of critical system components.