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Resource Dimensioning

A large and complex technical system is often quite vulnerable. For example a missing spare part can result in total shut down of major operations and production facilities. This creates not only unforeseen costs but also loss of revenue and in some cases hazardous situations. Mitigating this problem by excessive stocks of spare parts and/or adding extra personnel and workshops will mean high costs and consequently low cost effectiveness.

Systecon is a leading provider of consultancy services and software to increase system reliability, control of maintenance effectiveness and costs and simultaneously increase system efficiency. We have a proven ability to find the right balance between cost and availability by optimising the amount of logistic support resources such as workshops, personnel and maintenance equipment. A key focus area is spares optimisation –where the relation between investment and availability is very obvious. Systecon’s leading software tools within the Opus Suite are essential in this work. A combination of expert knowledge, efficient analysis tools and an extensive business understanding places Systecon in a unique position in the market.

Example of services

  • Analyses of supply chain strategies and demands for resources.
  • Design of solutions for supply chain and logistic support.
  • Specification of requirements for service level agreements of spare parts.
  • Defining requirement specifications for outsourcing of logistic support.
  • Spare parts optimisation.
  • Dimensioning of maintenance resources (workshops, maintenance equipment, personnel, etc).
  • Development of models and methods for decision support and integration of software tools in the customers’ business- and maintenance system for example ERP, Asset Management, SCM and MRO systems.