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Project Management

Systecon has contributed in many big and complex projects. The invaluable experiences gained over many years enables Systecon to provide consulting services as support for project management teams responsible for developing new, or for improving existing technical systems, logistics systems and information systems.

In complicated technical projects, the initial establishment phase is of great importance. It is often in this phase that the outcome of the project is determined. Will it be a success or a failure?

Although Systecon can contribute in all phases of a project, it is in this early stage that Systecon’s expertise is of greatest advantage.

Systecon have a wide range of project management services with specialist knowledge within:

Project management support. Systecon function as project- or sub-project managers and contribute particularly with our expert competence within Life Cycle Costing, reliability, logistics support.

Quality assurance. Systecon are accredited ISO 9001.

Configuration management. Systecon are specialists in Configuration Management for technical systems and information systems.

Example of services

  • Project management within reliability, Integrated Logistics Support and Life Cycle Cost (LCC).
  • Project administration with responsibilities for planning, implementation and follow-up of a project in all its phases.
  • Development and implementation of quality plans.
  • External audits of a supplier’s development work and/or quality work.
  • Definition, implementation and follow-up of methods for Configuration Management and document management.
  • Methods for specification and management of requirements.