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It is a recognised fact that the conditions for a successful project are created early in the acquisition process. As specialists Systecon often assists in development and evaluation of tenders and contracts. Systecon provide consulting services as support for defining or interpreting the requirements that ensure that desired objectives concerning reliability, logistics support and through life cost can be achieved. This service is as applicable for both buyer and supplier.

Systecon provide qualified services and software tools for successful acquisition or sales of complex technical systems. Our competence is also widely used for the acquisition (or sale) of operation and logistic support services for these systems and we are specialised in defining performance based logistics (PBL) contracts. We are used to work with tough requirements on availability performance and cost effectiveness.

During the project, Systecon will follow the development of the solutions and systems. We ensure that the requirements on availability performance and life cycle cost will be met. We will also make sure that management of all logistics data will be done in such a way that all significant data can be used efficiently by the customer.

Thanks to our world leading Opus Suite we can help our clients to find the right balance in the requirements specification to secure the operational performance needed. We can also evaluate the offered solutions based on life cycle cost and support our clients to select the most cost effective one. Our clients are provided with a clear view of their expected future costs and can make their decision based on facts.

Our consultants have extensive experience creating specifications for complex systems, and also have expertise as buyers and negotiators. Systecon has broad experience and in-depth expertise with cross-functional evaluations of technical systems where technology, quality and costs are analysed from the perspective of the system life cycle.

We execute assignments within the framework of public procurement directives as well as for private sector companies.

Example of services

We offer services for all phases in the acquisition process:

  • specification of evaluation models
  • specification/interpretation of requirements in the RFQ
  • evaluation or composition of tenders
  • composition of contract terms and conditions
  • follow-up of the suppliers commitments
  • implementation and verification of the acquired systems
  • development of the logistic support solution
  • resource dimensioning