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Models and Software Development

It takes more than skilled software developers to create applications for optimisation of logistics resources or simulation of logistics and transportation processes. More important are the abilities to define and model the problems, to develop new theories and to produce a quality assured solution for your customer. Systecon has these abilities. A unique combination of experience and competence provide for development of powerful models and analysis software applications within the areas of availability performance and logistic support.

Systecon offers customer specific models and software development – in particular within the areas of reliability, maintenance and logistic support. The scope can include everything from sophisticated optimisation and simulation tools to solutions for data processing and database management. Systecon develop mainly for a Windows environment using development tools from Microsoft but can also deliver in other environments.

Systecon’s development team includes mathematicians that are specialised within the application areas of logistics, reliability and operational analysis. All the developers have a solid experience and deep knowledge within software development and customer support. This enables Systecon to gain a competitive edge in models and customer specific software development.

Systecon are well known for the development of analytical models, i.e. models based on mathematical formulas and algorithms. An example of such a model is OPUS10, the leading software tool for spares optimisation. The development of such a tool requires both the ability for conceptual understanding of the customer’s needs and the ability to transform them into models in the form of theories and algorithms, which then can be implemented into a useful software product.

We also develop simulation models, where the calculations are event driven and partially governed by random parameters. Our product SIMLOX, which simulates the operations and logistics support of a technical system, is an example of such simulation software.

Systecon also design and develop data management models.

Example of services

In development of models and software we include the following services or elements:

  • Problem definition.
  • Functional and Design Specifications
  • Development of mathematical models.
  • Development of software.
  • Production of documentation and customer support.
  • Production of training packages.
  • Maintenance and support.