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Maintenance Strategies

In a market increasingly exposed to competition the requirements on production plants and technical systems capacity and availability performance are high. It is also essential that the cost for operation and maintenance are kept low. In order to achieve these demands, a clear and precise strategy for management of the maintenance activities is required. However, the strategic maintenance issues are often not given enough management attention. Is it because of the difficulties to overlook cost management, especially when the costs are hard to foresee, and the return of a maintenance related investment is difficult to trace?

The combination of system knowledge and many years of experience in different business areas with our proprietary software tools in the Opus Suite are the foundation of our offer. This gives us a unique comprehensive ability to provide our customers with a holistic view and qualified support when developing maintenance strategies. Our consultants are experts on developing and implementing methods and software tools that helps our customer take control of the maintenance costs.

We are confident with concepts like RCM and TPM and have collected solid experience of strategic maintenance management from many different business areas such as: Defence, Aviation, Rail and Energy Production.

Example of services

  • Examination of the existing maintenance strategies and identification of areas for improvement.
  • Development of action plans for refinement of the maintenance strategies.
  • Introduction of new methods and tools to support maintenance management.
  • Development of software tools for strategic maintenance planning.
  • Dimensioning of maintenance resources (spare parts, workshops, personnel, etc).