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Follow-up and Control Management

All successful improvement processes are dependent on access to information concerning the performance of the operations. When all employees have a relevant picture of the situation it is easier to take rational decisions – irrespective of if the strategy is called Six Sigma, Performance Management, Lean or TPM. This common picture becomes more important as the complexity of companies operations increases.

Systecon assist customers in their pursuit for relevant information from their operations in order to identify the relations between operational parameters and economic results. One of the objectives is to create a common source for all relevant information, so that the customer can benefit from having the information integrated and easily accessible for different purposes inside the company.

Systecon also provide answers to questions such as:

  • Which key performance indicators are most important and how do they develop over time?
  • Where is the potential for major improvements?
  • Which effect has the implemented actions had?

By using our software tools in the Opus Suite we can support our customers to make better decisions about how to improve performance and take control over cost.

Example of services

Systecon services range from company strategic level to specific follow-up of individual systems, for example:

  • Establishment of follow-up processes.
  • Specification and design of follow-up systems.
  • Performing information surveys
  • Development of evaluation models and decision support tools
  • Performing analyses of processes and systems
  • Verification and validation of reliability performance