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Our Offer and Our Services

ot-374-275We help you to find the optimal balance between your requirements on performance and availability and the resources needed this achieve this, regardless if you are working with strategic decisions, procurement of new systems or if you just want to improve efficiency in your current operations. We call this Life Cycle Management and the results for our customers are higher productivity, and lower cost.

How do you right-size the spare parts inventory of for an aircraft fleet? How many technicians or repair shops do you need to keep a certain number of trains running? What is the right time for wind turbine maintenance? Complex projects and systems involve many questions. Perhaps the most basic questions are these: What is the desired output? And what does it cost?

Systecon provides the analyses, methods and tools that give you the data information you need to answer these questions, and many more. Using our proprietary Opus Suite software, you quickly get an overview of what factors affect your output and your costs. With our extensive experience, we are well-positioned to assist you based on your particular needs.

We operate in many different industries. Our main areas of expertise include rail and transport, the defence industry and the energy sector. We can help you:

  • optimise organisation and systems on a life cycle basis
  • set the right procurement requirements  and select the most cost-effective product, know what to require of suppliers, and select the right product
  • manage projects, for instance related to system availability or maintenance development
  • analyse and determine the optimum support requirements and resources needed, and size maintenance requirements, strategies and resources
  • monitor production and, identify cost drivers and bottlenecks

For more information about what we do for our clients, please click on one of the service categories below.

We help define requirements and procuring systems with focus on life cycle cost.
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Project Management
We provide project management-, quality and configuration management support services.
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System Evaluation
We support evaluation of system performance and cost in all system lifecycle stages.
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Resource Dimensioning
We optimise spares and dimension your logistic support resources.
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Maintenance Strategies
We help to develop strategies and plans for efficient maintenance management.
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Follow-up & Control Management
We help to identify what parameters influence performance and cost.
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Models & Software Development
We offer model and software development – foremost in maintenance and logistic support.
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Our Philosophy

aw-360-253We help our clients keep their trains running, wind turbines turning when the wind is blowing, and fighter jets ready for action. To accomplish this we provide complete control of what factors impact production, and what factors drive costs.

Simply put, we help companies and government agencies find the optimal balance between capacity and cost.

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Our Life Cycle Perspective

How do you ensure that a product or system will be profitable? By considering the entire life cycle right from the start.

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Opus Suite – Product Family

Controlling both performance and cost. Optimising spare parts inventories, maintenance solutions and resources. Data supporting organisational changes or procurements.

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