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Looking to improve your skills in RAMS and ILS?

The extensive experience and deep knowledge derived from many years of providing consulting services and developing new methods are something that we want to share with you in our training courses. Thus, Systecon has a long track record of training specialists in reliability, logistic support engineering and life cycle cost, both in UK and internationally.

Systecon provides courses at multiple levels within reliability, logistics engineering and life cycle cost. They comprises the theoretical fundamentals to practical applications.

The main objective with all courses is to help you develop effective systems and logistics solutions at the lowest possible cost. Of course we also offer a complete training package to support users of Opus Suite to get going with the tools or to enhance their skills. Our courses are led by skilled teachers with excellent teaching skills and extensive practical experience.

Our training program consists of both open courses and company-specific courses or complete training programs. We also take part as special guest speakers at various customer internal courses or at the universities.