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This is Systecon

We help our clients keep their trains running, wind turbines turning when the wind is blowing, and fighter jets ready for action. To accomplish this we provide complete control of what factors impact production, and what factors drive costs. Simply put, we help companies and government agencies find the optimal balance between capacity and cost.

We work across the entire product life cycle, from concept development and procurement to operations and maintenance. We rely on methods that have been tested and refined for many years and analyses using our proprietary, global market-leading Opus Suite software. For our customers, this means more efficient operations, controlled costs, and most importantly: decisions based on facts, not just a gut feeling.

Today we have experience from some of the most complex technology projects in Europe and around the world. On a daily basis, Systecon and the Opus Suite assist in providing overviews and in making informed decisions in several different industries, and hundreds of major companies and organisations. Our users can be found in over 20 countries worldwide.