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Optimise Your Energy Production

In the energy industry, the focus is on planning operations and producing kilowatt hours at the lowest possible cost. Service downtime should be scheduled so as to minimise production losses. To minimise the cost per kilowatt hour produced, maintenance organisation should also be balanced in the right way.

Of course, the conditions and solutions vary depending on the type of power. A nuclear power plant will be stopped annually for maintenance. In order to avoid production losses, maintenance work must be completed during these scheduled downtimes. The wind power industry is subject to different conditions. In the summer, winds are usually relatively weak, so in order not to lose valuable kilowatt hours, the maintenance organisation should be ready to perform the requested maintenance during low wind periods, and also prepared to rapidly correct any faults that may arise during the rest of the year.

In the energy industry, we help our clients find the best maintenance strategy, minimise operational costs per kilowatt hour, procure components on a life cycle basis, and review spare parts logistics so that maintenance always can be completed on time. Fundamentally, the goal is to optimise the organisation or products to minimise operational costs and, above all, increase production.

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