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The Right Availability at the Lowest Possible Cost

In many ways, requirements for defence equipment are not so different from other industries. A helicopter, for instance, must have the capacity to perform a certain type of tasks based on externally determined requirements, be available when needed – while keeping the costs as low as possible over the entire life cycle.

This may sound easy. But if you have seen an equipment and supply project from the inside, you know that the costs can be difficult to survey, and that they are determined very early, often during system design. Creating a comprehensive view of the whole life cycle and the possibility of directing the system towards the lowest possible total costs, while maintaining the required performance, requires a systematic method. This method is called Life Cycle Management, LCM.

Regardless of your type of product or system, Systecon can help you obtain a comprehensive perspective on all parts of the project.  What parts are cost drivers now and in the future? What do you need to meet your availability requirements and your budget? How can you optimise the whole project based on the specifications?

How the military can achieve more with its supplies – our perspective

Finding the balance between capacity and cost – our philosophy

Our Defense services and our Business Areas

Our Life Cycle Perspective

How do you ensure that a product or system will be profitable? By considering the entire life cycle right from the start.

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Opus Suite – Product Family

Controlling both performance and cost. Optimising spare parts inventories, maintenance solutions and resources. Data supporting organisational changes or procurements.

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