CATLOC v6 Cost Analysis Tool Introduction Video

January 4, 2012

The 2 videos on this page are intended to give visitors an overview of our Cost Analysis tool CATLOC. The video is using CATLOC v6, released in 2011. The first video, part 1, describes the CATLOC user interface and focuses on the CATLOC data input.  The second video focusses on the results analysis, CATLOCs main strength. You will also find a copy of the video narration in case it is useful to you.

CATLOC Part 1 – User interface, Model Definition and Data entry


CATLOC Part 2 – Result Analysis and sensitivity


Video Narration

CATLOC v6 Introduction Video narration


CATLOC is a cost analysis tool that can be used for analysing any cost breakdown.  It can be used to define and analyse Life Cycle Costs (LCC), Life Cycle Profit (LCP), Whole Life Costs (WLC), cash flows or any other cost breakdown that can be defined.  It can also import data directly from OPUS10 and Simlox and setup an associated cost breakdown if desired. The main strength of CATLOC is the results analysis view, in it the Analyst can very quickly and easily drill down into the cost model, or cost models if comparing different solutions, and readily identify cost drivers.  Costs can be viewed in any of 5 dimensions, Material (items and systems), Station (eg Operating locations, stores, workshops or other maintenance/handling facilities), Resources (eg Test Equipment and manpower), Task (eg Corrective Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance, Training Courses) and Time (eg years), CATLOC can cope with a single case or multiple cases, if more than one case is loaded then it can be directly compared with other cases and the differences investigated.  In addition to the basic results analysis CATLOC also provides a comprehensive sensitivity analysis capability, this can be a simple measure of the impact of a single cost element changing by a fixed value or a complex multi parameter change based on a user defined distribution and a monte carlo simulation.  Sensitivity can also be used in multiple cases, useful for investigating the likely risks associated with the calculated costs.  The videos introduce visitors to these functions.  Further details can be found on the CATLOC page of our website. CATLOC is one of the tools making up the OPUS Suite which also includes OPUS10 and SIMLOX.

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