Simlox V4 – Passes MOD V&V

SCS (IOT) have passed Simlox v4 for use within the DLO.  The logbook was issued this week. A copy of the Logbook for v4 will...

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Published November 26, 2008

Successful Railway Management Using Systecon Tools

Asset managers within the railway industry frequently face critical strategic decisions regarding the long-term development of the organisation. The complexity of a transport system makes...

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Published October 20, 2008

Systecon (UK) Website – Relaunch

Systecon (UK) Ltd are pleased to welcome you to our new look website.  All the old downloads and pages can still be found using the...

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Published May 12, 2008

SIMLOX Version 4.0 Released

NEWS in version 4 of SIMLOX Version 4 of SIMLOX is released spring 2008. In the new version, Systecon has continued efforts to increase the usability...

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Published May 9, 2008

2008 User Group

This years User Group will again be held at the Imperial War Museum, London on Wednesday November 19th and Thursday November 20th. If you are a...

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Published April 9, 2008

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