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Our Universities & Research Services

Do you need a speaker with particular expertise? Would you like a special university license to use our software applications? Or perhaps you want to complete your thesis project with a world-leading consulting and software company? Here you can read about the services we provide to universities, whether you work at an institution, or you are a researcher or a student.

Systecon disseminates knowledge in the
following core areas:

  • Life Cycle Management (LCM)
    i.e. using a life cycle perspective to ensure maximum operational performance in a cost effective way while minimising life cycle costs (LCC).
  • Reliability and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
    including maintenance planning, logistical analysis and right-sizing of resources
  • Method and model development
    e.g. modelling, optimising and simulation primarily applied in the above areas

We enjoy a mutual exchange with students, postgraduates, researchers and business professionals by offering the following in addition to our listed courses and training.

  • Theory-based guest lectures
  • Case-based guest lectures
  • Data simulations
  • Cases regarding spare parts optimisation
  • Cases regarding life cycle cost analysis
  • Cases regarding right-sizing of resources
  • Seminars using role playing with procurement scenarios
  • Project data based on real-world scenarios
  • Lunch lectures on the importance of balanced resource utilisation
  • Thesis work supervision
  • Access to and support for university and educational licenses